Gray Day Tea

It’s so hard to describe, but whenever the sky is bright gray and one sheet of cloud at the same time, I get such a bad headache.

I have had migraines ever since Middle School.  My neurologist tried a few different preventative medications that would lower the amount I would get but nothing would take them away completely.  

Anyone who has migraines knows that any little trick to prevent or lessen a current one is worth trying.  Especially when one can come on at a drop of a hat!  Right before I was pregnant I had a migraine coming on pretty fast that was making my stomach turn a little.  I knew ginger helped with nausea and I have heard that peppermint is good for headaches so I made a cup of loose leaf peppermint tea and threw in some ginger powder.  For the particular migraine I had, it worked within a half hour!  I was completely shocked!

Fast forwarding to this year – I was speaking with a coworker about migraines (come to find out we both have them) and let her know that peppermint and ginger helps mine.  She tried it later on that day and thanked me because it had helped her get through the rest of work.  I was so happy!  This conversation was around the time I was playing with the thought of starting up a blog again and actually reinforced the type of blog I wanted to create.

Let’s face it, typically whenever a migraine comes on I can’t go to bed with a cold eye mask on.  I am a mom who also needs to work.  I am NOT a doctor and this is just something that helps me.  Every person and migraine are different but wanted to share some things that help me through mine.

Peppermint tea with Ginger (can use powder or soak pieces of dried or fresh cut ginger with your tea leaves)

Young Living Peppermint essential oil – I put a roller ball on the end of my bottle and roll it on my temples and the back of my neck daily as a preventative.  I have only used Young Living and will only ever use Young Living.  I can’t recommend any other essential oil brand because I do not have experiences with any other kind so can’t speak to them.  Always do your own research if you are hesitant on what to use.  There is a link to Young Living’s website at the bottom and one to their Peppermint essential oil.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.  If you would like to purchase some through Young Living, please use my member ID 3769515.  I will get credit and you will become part of my group!

My Pillow – I would get lots of migraines when I would wake up and come to find out the pillow I was using wasn’t helping.  I now have the My Pillow (stole it from my husband, love you babe!) and it works wonders for me!

Lots of water – sometimes they can come on because of dehydration

Caffine – while I was pregnant there wasn’t much I could do for my migraines.  My doctor recommended having a cup of caffine to help take the edge off instead of taking medicine.  I was allowed to take ibuprofen but I preferred not to.  I still try to use this rule even not being pregnant.

Feel free to share any tricks that have helped for you!  I love hearing them and sometimes need to try something new myself.



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