Shopping and Laundry Basketball

Toddlers have so much energy!!  Our little one is a year and a half old and she is non stop!  She likes to play with her toys but will find anything around the house to play with.  Up until two months ago, she loved playing with our kcup holder.  We have a three tier round holder and she would take the cups out and place them back in.  Now she pokes holes in the kicks so that game is done.  Trying to think of new activities to do inside the house when it’s too hot outside can be hard.  Especially being a new mom. 

I looked on Pinterest for some quick ideas and to see if any of their suggestions sparked any ideas of my own.  There was really only one activity I found so far that had no prepping and was fast.  I didn’t read the article but the picture was of a laundry basket and a ball inside.  We have a fairly large living room that isn’t decorated yet so there is plenty of room for us to play in a corner.  We use a football, small bounce ball, and a large bounce ball to throw into the laundry basket.  I toss each ball in to demonstrate and A likes to run after them and place them in the basket.  She enjoys doing this…..for a short period of time.  Afterwards it usually transitions to her sitting inside the basket and me pushing her around in it.

The other activity she picked up, on her own, I think from partly observing me (it’s crazy what they pick up from us!) we call “going shopping”.  She takes a bag of some sort and goes around the house placing things inside.  Usually it’s her cup, a ball, her lil mini solo cup, and some legos.  Once she puts anything and everything into the bag, she walks around carrying it, takes everything out and puts everything back in.  It’s hilarious watching her grab my recycling bags from the market and carry them on her arm like a pocketbook!  They are usually bigger than her!

What activities or games do your little ones play?


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