Eagerly Welcoming Fall

Fall is by far my favorite season.  I’ve been waiting for sweatshirt weather and hoping it will start this week, it’s been a warm weekend.  Despite that, I’ve finally made a batch of good pumpkin muffins.  It’s been hard to squeeze in some baking.  Typically depends on if we are actually home and what my lil one is getting into.  I haven’t had much luck with Pinterest recipes so I pulled out my grandmothers recipe. 

I figured out a little trick as well thankfully.  A wanted me to hold her the entire time. I mixed the dry ingredients in with the wet ones and gave her a mini whisk and the plastic mixing bowl from the dry ingredients.  She sat on the ground mixing while I mixed on the counter.  It was so cute, she even took the bowl into the living room, sat in the laundry basket we play basketball with and just sat and mixed!

She enjoyed the muffins this morning for breakfast and then afterwards I decorated a little bit.  I enjoy getting into my own decorating world.  Our new house is bigger than our rental and I had to take into account what the dog and A could reach so I was having a little bit of trouble and we definitely need more decorations.  But our house in general is a work in progress.  I’m a patient person but need to have more patience and understanding that it will take a while for everything to come together.

While A is finally taking her morning nap, I’m having some tea and enjoying the Hallmark channel Fall movies that just started this weekend before she wakes up. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone and Go Patriots!!


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