Gotta Try This Chai

It’s FINALLY starting to get a little chillier!  It makes enjoying a hot cup of tea even better.  My top go to teas are Green tea and Chai.  I love trying different kinds and finding new places to buy loose leaf tea.

One night I was google searching different places and randomly decided to check out.  I have never purchased anything to eat or drink on there so was really looking at each shop, taking a look at their company website if they had one, and reading whether or not the tea was handled in a Health Department certified area.

Luna Tea Company out of California is awesome!!  They have a variety of teas with fun names, offer sample sizes and larger bags as well.  I purchased the Chai It samples and they did not disappoint.  Their packaging is great and already gift ready!

Chai Micha –  this one was my favorite.  Clove and allspice can be very overwhelming but not in this tea!  There is just enough flavor of each to enjoy them together.

Spice Junkie – this one had more spice than the chai micha.  I tend to make my tea with a smaller amount than most.  I try to get as many cups as I can out of my teas 🙂  I am not a huge spice person but enjoy it in my chai.  If I wanted it stronger I would definitely add more to my tea bag.  This blend would taste good with some almond milk topped with cinnamon.  Yummy!

Red Chai – Rooibos teas aren’t my favorite.  I drink them from time to time but has to depend on the blend.  I would pick this one before any of the others I have had.  It’s the sweetest out of the three with coconut mixed in.  This one would be good with some warm almond milk as well.  Creamy and sweet.

All three are very relaxing blends and I really enjoyed them!  Luna Tea Company also sells tea infusers.  Each one has a crystal on the end and they are so pretty!  I have a few infusers already and am bummed I didn’t find these first!  But I have been finding lately that unbleached tea bags have been working the best for me and my schedule.  I fill the bags ahead of time and keep them in a mason jar on my desk at work.

This company’s goal really resonated with me and wanted to share that as well.  Enjoy!

our goal is to promote mindfulness through the tea experience. Tea reminds us to be mindful by allowing us to focus on the present moment. Waiting for your pot to brew, and enjoying each cup with purpose and gratitude is a way in which you can practice mindfulness every day. Quite often in our daily lives, we barely find time for ourselves and self care falls to the bottom of our priorities. If the only time you get to yourself during your busy day are the moments waiting for your tea to steep, then tea has done it’s job.”    – Luna Tea Company


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