Solo Cup Bowling

The newest toddler activity in our house is…Solo Cup Bowling and Solo Cup Pyramids.  Another great Pinterest find!  A has always loved Solo Cups.  Now instead of just the small, shot size, she loves the big ones.  Especially all the different colors they now come in!  We are boring and only have the red ones at the moment.

A didn’t really get the idea of rolling the bowl into the cups to knock them over.  I unintentionally set up the cups in front of the laundry basket and she kept putting the balls in there instead haha!  She really enjoyed stacking the cups though and lining them all up.  

Later on she lined up the cups on the coffee table and pretended to pour the water from her water bottle into them to drink.  The next day, I showed her the same concept with a tea set she had received for her birthday. 

It’s incredible to see the different ways she plays with toys now.  She is constantly learning new things and growing up so fast!  I’m hoping to run to the dollar store and grab some colored pom poms and different colored cups to work on colors and sorting next.  Even if she is too young for it, introducing it never hurt 🙂  I hope you and your little ones get a chance to build pyramids and bowl together!


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