It’s Here…Flu and Cold Season

Flu and colds are inevitable.  No matter how hard we try, we typically can’t get away from at least getting one cold.  BUT we can still try 🙂

Don’t you hate waking up with the feeling of a cold coming on or you’re getting sick?  I know I do!  It’s so annoying!  We still need to get up just as early and take care of our little ones and get ready for work.  The day still goes on.  As soon as I get that feeling I continuously drink hot lemon water with manuka honey that I get from Trader Joe’s.  I even put cinnamon in it.  I swear by this homemade tea and thankfully it tastes really good!

Lemon– there are many benefits of drinking lemon water (hot or cold).  It helps give your immune system a boost and supports your digestion.  I use either 2-3 drops of YL Lemon Vitaity essential oil or half a lemon.

Manuka honey– I’m not a huge honey person.  I don’t mind the taste of it but typically only use it during the winter or if I need to add a something to my tea.  Manuka Honey has an additional benefit outside of local raw honey, its nonperoixide antibacterial potency.  I have always heard that local raw honey is the best to have if you have allergies.  Over time, local honey will make you less sensitive to the pollen in your area.

Cinnamon– not only tastes great but has amazing benefits as well.  To name a few, cinnamon is antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.  The best type to get is Ceylon Cinnamon.  Not all cinnamon has the same health benefits.  (The link above goes into more detail as to why Ceylon is the better option.)

I will even throw in one drop of YL Thieves essential oil into my tea.  If I do that, I don’t add cinnamon because Thieves already contains that within in the oil.  I also use it on the bottom of my feet and A‘s feet to help keep our immune system up during this time of year.  Especially with A being in daycare.  I don’t put it on our feet all the time.  Just every once in a while.

How do you and your family try to stay healthy during this time of year?


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