Keeping It Classic: Hosting Tips

Welcome to my guest blogger, Hilda from Keeping It Classic blog! She has offered some of her great hosting tips for the upcoming holiday.

Keeping It Classic: Hosting Tips

Hosting the holidays can be fun, but it can also be super stressful! Over the years, I have learned a few tricks to help make holiday entertaining easier. Let’s face it, hosting will never be easy!

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to keep things simple! Don’t worry about finding room on the table for the food. Your holiday meal doesn’t have to look like a Norman Rockwell painting to be memorable! Here are some helpful tips to make you stress less this holiday season!

Plan it Out

Being a Mom means that I am always busy. I find that taking some time to plan my menu and shopping list ahead of time makes it so much easier the week of the holiday.

Serving Food

Serve your food up family style.

We lay ours out on our counter and people just help themselves. No reaching or putting elbows in peoples plates or faces.

Happy Helpers

If your kids are like mine, they want to help you do everything. This can be um….. counterproductive, right! You are super stressed about getting dinner prepared for 10-30 people and the last thing you need are tiny hands pulling at your legs! I used to have my husband watch the girls while I prepared holiday meals and that just led to a bunch of whining from the living room….

Instead I decided to embrace there help!

I give them one small task, like filling the corn bread mold and it keeps her happy and momma sane!

Table Time

When planning your table I always keep a few things in mind.

Easy to Clean

I use to put out my best china for holidays, and then I realized that it made clean up such a hassle! Everything had to be hand washed and dried. Now, I either use dishwasher friendly plates. If you are really looking at cutting down on clean up, paper plates are always and option too… just make sure they are sturdy. If you are using paper plates tie them into your décor by getting ones that are festive.

Plenty of Elbow Room

When planning a tablescape, keep in mind that people will need to have room for plates, glasses, and elbows. I always keep my table decorations simple!

You can find some more tablescape inspiration here.

Have Fun


Don’t forget that hosting a holiday can be fun! I keep my ipad on the counter while I cook to play either music or my favorite holiday movie (White Christmas).

I hope these tips help make holiday hosting a bit easier!

(Check out Hilda’s Keeping It Classic blog!)


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