Mixing Up Vanilla Extract

There is always so much baking around November and December.  A few years ago I read (probably on Pinterest) about making your own Vanilla Extract.  It seemed really easy and of course I wanted to try it!

What is needed:

  • Glass bottle to store your extract in
  • Whole vanilla bean (I chose to buy organic)
  • Vodka
  • Knife
  • Cutting board

I purchased a bottle with an eye dropper because I prefer using that instead of pouring straight from the bottle. To each their own!

Take a vanilla bean and cut it straight down from top to bottom. Place the cut vanilla bean into the bottle you bought and then fill the bottle with vodka. If you bought a bottle with an eye dropper like I did, make sure to leave enough room in the bottle for the eye dropper so you can close it. Then, shake the bottle and place it in a dark place. I store mine under the sink in the way back.

Make sure to put the date on the bottom or somewhere you can see it. The vanilla bean needs to sit in the vodka for 6 weeks before you can use it. Every once in a while shake the bottle during those 6 weeks. I also shake it before I use it each time.

It’s so easy to make and can be a great gift for loved ones.


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