New Years Tradition

It has been such a long time since I have posted!  We got caught up in all the holidays, the entire family got a virus that was going around, and we enjoyed a little vacation.

It has become my own yearly tradition on New Years day to take out a piece of paper I carry in my wallet with the previous years goals I set for myself and see what I was able to accomplish. Then I write down as many new goals as I want to try and achieve in the upcoming year.  Once I write down my goals, I put that new paper into my wallet and don’t look at it for the rest of the year.  My goals go anywhere from wanting to lose and maintain a certain amount of weight, gaining more confidence, getting certain things organized in the house, reading a certain number of books, and typically trying something new.  This is maybe my 6th year doing this and I find that every year I touch upon each goal throughout the year without even knowing.

I feel it would be a good reminder and give me more success with my goals if I took it out throughout the year as a gentle reminder to work towards them and actively put myself in situations to complete a goal.  I haven’t gotten there yet!!  Maybe this will be my year.  It’s so easy to get caught up in life and whatever life has to throw at us. This tradition makes me sit back and remember to think about what I want out of my life/out of the new year.

This year I was a little late getting it done, I waiting until halfway through January but hey, better late than never!  The most important thing was that my head was in the right place and I didn’t rush through it just to get it done.  I completely enjoyed myself. Our vacation was a good chance for me to recharge, set up my 2018 goals and really start the year off great!

I highly recommend everyone just taking 5 minutes, whether it is while you’re waiting for your coffee, right before bed, on your lunch break, whenever you have just a moment, and writing down at least 5 goals you have for yourself for this year.  Just do quick bullet points, don’t have to get too technical, just put it out into the universe.  Put that paper in a place you will remember next year or carry it with you as a reminder when you stumble upon it in your wallet.  I always feel a little sense of accomplishment when I look at the previous year and see what I was able to do just by putting it out there for myself.  Let me know what you think and next January, tell me how you feel.


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