Grapefruit Tea

Traditionally I have Lemon in my tea because of all the benefits and now I really enjoy the taste of lemon water. When I started following the Tone It Up girls and their program, I have learned a little bit more about grapefruit and their benefits.  After my vacation of eating whatever I wanted, being in an airport and on a plane, Grapefruit is the way I am going to go.

Grapefruit has great fat burning enzymes, is packed with vitamins C, A, B complex, E and K,  and contains Naringin that balances your blood sugar levels.  I had no idea it did all this!!  Who wouldn’t want all of this in a tasty fruit after a vacation???  I try to keep it in my diet throughout the year.

I end up mixing up my tea now and switching between Lemon and Grapefruit or even combining them!  I will either squeeze the organic fruits into my tea or I will use a drop of my Young Living Lemon essential oil or my Young Living Grapefruit essential oil.  Right now in the winter, I prefer to make this tea in the morning but I do like to put these into cold water as well.  When I mix them into water I find they help wake me up and give me a little tiny bit of energy.  Which is obviously needed with a toddler!!

Below is a link to some information about Grapefruits in case you would like to read about them.

I hope you enjoy this fruit and mixing up your fruit teas!


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