Toddler Toothbrush Win

My husband and I have one child at the moment and everyday we learn something new. I still consider us new parents because we are still learning every second with our little one. Whenever I learn something that has made a big difference with us and has helped with frustrations I like to share hoping it helps others.

Obviously brushing our teeth is an essential part of our day and extremely important! This was such a battle with me and our toddler. Every morning it was a fight to try and get her to brush her teeth. She loved getting her first tooth brush and brushing with just water at first. Once we started the training toothpaste she would suck it off and that was it. She would never let me brush her teeth and would throw herself down whenever I tried. She loves brushing my teeth but not hers.

There were mornings when I had no energy whatsoever to fight with her. I’d be rushing trying to get us ready for daycare and work and honestly didn’t want the struggle. I felt horrible and didn’t know how on earth I could turn this around. It’s such an important daily routine and I was completely failing.

When we went on vacation this completely changed and I can’t take credit for the win but am thankful for it!

A was really interested and had fun with my mother-in-laws electric toothbrush. The next day we bought her one figuring we would give it a shot. That’s all we needed!! There hasn’t been one argument or struggle since!! A has so much fun brushing her teeth and the first two days the only struggle was letting go of her new toothbrush her so I could go to work.

It’s the little things in life!


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