The Flu Has Flown

The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 has been filled with germs in our house it seems!  The flu went through A‘s daycare and when she came down with it, I caught it a few days later.  The flu has been so scary because you never know what strand, symptoms, anything you could have.  There have also been some stories of people different ages passing away shortly after coming down with the flu.  Being a parent, I was nervous when A came down with it.  Once I started to come down with it I felt so bad I didn’t know her exact symptoms because she isn’t able to completely express them yet.  The body aches were so painful and it was different being so sick and having a two year old who was on the mend and getting her energy back.  I am so glad it has left our house and definitely do NOT want it coming back!!  We are thankful though because A‘s pediatrician said that she was doing really good considering what she had.  She only had a fever for a day and a half and was going through the motions of letting the symptoms ride out.

As soon as I had the energy, I started spraying ALL of A‘s toys with my Young Living Thieves essential oil and water mixture that I use in my kitchen.  I sprayed down the couch, pillows, anything that we can in contact with.  Not only did I clean surfaces, but I also tried to clean the air as much as I could.  I diffused Young Livings Thieves essential oil in the air.  Winter is awesome and I love it but am ready to open up all the windows and air out our house.  Spring cleaning is right around the corner!!  This house, cannot wait 🙂  Stay healthy everyone!


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