Homemade Playdough

I remember playing with play-doh growing up and know it’s a fun activity for kids. As I have gotten older I can’t stand it! It’s mainly the smell that I can’t stand and the smell stays on my hands. A has some play-doh and she hasn’t played with it yet. She still puts things in her mouth and store bought play-doh definitely has ingredients that I’d prefer her not to eat.

Her daycare makes their own and uses Young Living Thieves in it. They posted some pictures for parents of the kids playing with it. I asked them for the recipe and her teacher told me she found it on Pinterest.

Today was the day! I looked up the recipe and it’s now our all morning fun!

A was SO excited. I had her help me dump and mix the ingredients (which are all edible and safe in case she does put them in her mouth). When I needed to grab a spoon for her to help me mix it up, she ran so fast into the kitchen to grab one I thought she was going to take a hard wipe out!

Once we finished mixing it in the bowl we took it out to knead and squeeze. After that it was play time! I’m not sure who had more fun…her playing or me watching her play.

One thing I was surprised at and made me laugh was that she kept putting the playdough back into the bowl and kept telling me she was mixing it! Looks like we need more weekends of baking and mixing, which is fine by me!!

I highly recommend this activity and recipe. It is VERY easy to make and takes maybe 5 minutes to whip up. Another great thing about this recipe is typically you have all the ingredients in the house already and don’t have to make a special trip to the store. The toys she was using to play with were also toys she already had. At times she asked for “other spoons” from the kitchen to play with.

Here is where I found it with the website at the bottom of the picture.

The highlight of this whole experience, no word of a lie, was while she was playing she randomly said “thank you mommy”. It made my heart melt!! Whether it was a delayed reaction from me handing her something or not I’ll take it!!


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