Citrus + Melon and Pumpkin Pie

I have tried two new teas that I wanted to share. A Citrus + Melon green tea from White Heron and Pumpkin Pie herbal tea from Verde of Cambria.

My mom was in California with my aunt and they had tried some tea and grabbed me some from a shop out there. I looked them up and it’s such a cute shop! I can luckily buy some of their tea online 😉Typically I drink Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin Spice Tea when it is mixed with Chai. I had never tried an herbal Pumpkin tea before and so glad I did! It is so light and tasty!! I do end up mixing a tiny bit of honey or Monk Fruit with it to sweeten it up a little. This is a great caffeine free pumpkin tea option! I want to try it mixed with Almond milk and make it creamier.

They also brought me back an herbal tea called Apple Pie. It smelled so rich and delicious!! This tea blend has hibiscus flower in it which I have recently discovered that I’m not a huge fan of tea blends with hibiscus in it unfortunately. I shared the Apple Pie with friends at work and they rave about it!! They say it’s one of the best teas they have had! I’ve already looked at the different blends online and have my shopping list ready to go.

Last time I was in White Heron I wanted to try something new. I’ve talked about their Citrus Green tea before and really enjoy that one. Right next to it on the shelf is a Citrus + Melon green tea. When I went up to the counter I asked which had less caffeine, their Chai or Citrus + Melon. They said probably the green tea since the Chai is made from a black tea. So I tried the Citrus + Melon and fell in love!! It is such a light and fresh tea that to me is perfect after lunch or at night. There is no one taste that is over powering in this blend at all! Their Citrus green tea is a little bolder and wakes me up a little more so I prefer that in the morning if I don’t make a cup of chai.

This tea blend isn’t currently on their website but if you contact them by email they are extremely responsive and they will be able to help you out. I think I may try to drink at least half of their teas! I’ll of course share all my findings😊


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