Cleaning, Organizing, And Forts Of Course!

We are starting to wind down from a very productive weekend. It has been fantastic!! We have been non stop doing something and it doesn’t feel like too much because we are getting lots done. My husband is finishing up our mudroom renovations, we have been organizing anything and everything, and keeping our toddler busy.

The flu hit A again last week starting over the weekend so we didn’t get to all of our weekend chores then. This weekend was about catching up but we took it to the next level! We tackled loads upon loads of laundry, organized the pantry, went through boxes of things that haven’t been touched since moving in together and then moving to our house, cleaned, moved everything in our entire basement and organized it, and I prepped tea!!

Last weekend I went to two of my favorite stores: The Mustard Seed and Misty Meadows. I bought herbs and tea for my sister and I. I wanted to buy everything but limited myself to the most necessary at the moment. I prefer purchasing my cooking herbs, spices, and certain teas there than anywhere else. When I came home it felt like Christmas!

So this weekend I needed to store and prep tea for home and work. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to do this but doing it saves a bunch of time! The weather was back to being cold and a snow rain mix and I needed a little bit of time to get things done so….time to make a fort with A! She gave me about a half hour which was huge! Especially considering since being sick she has only wanted to be held and still has a cough.

She colored and read books in the fort and then when she was done she really wanted to help me and for me to hold her. I decided to go out on a limb and have her help me even though it would probably end up messy. Well, I’m so glad I did! She had SO much fun and ended up doing a GREAT job!!

A told me she was working and then when we had to leave the counter and go get a tissue she was like, ok back to work! Haha! She called daddy to come look at her working and told our dog she was cooking. It was so much fun doing it with her and she made a mess but then I spilled a little bit of tea and made a bigger mess than her! I had her help me with my raspberry leaf, apple mint, and peppermint teas while I did my store bought blended teas that are a little more expensive. We made it through the whole batch and she was busy and had fun😄. I was really impressed with her work. She seems to never stop amazing me!


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