Best Way To Start A Day

I am so thankful that A loves going for walks! Being outside makes me happy but sometimes I get to caught up with what needs to be done inside that I don’t stop and smell the roses!! Having a child has completely changed that and I truely appreciate it. I love going for walks and running but need to make more time for it.

When we are rushing out the door to head to daycare and work, A will go over to her stroller and ask to go for a walk. She started this earlier in the winter where it wasn’t too cold and we would go for a quick lap and then jump into the car afterwards. She had fun, I got in a little bit of exercise before going to work where I sit all day, and it helps clear my head to prepare me for the day. What better way to start a day!! I’m so happy I see Spring in our future so we can start this up again. This morning she didn’t want the stroller but wanted to walk with me and of course Goofy tagged along 😊 Its the perfect time to talk about shadows and who’s is bigger/smaller.

It makes a difference in my life and teaching my daughter to go on walks and be outside even if it’s for a quick moment is important to me.

Whenever I try to work out I plan on carving out time. That’s stressful in itself some days!! But I’m learning that it doesn’t always have to be that difficult especially when I’m just starting up a routine, which is the hardest typically for me.


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