Mudroom Renovations

We have been doing renovations throughout our entire house. And when I say “we” that really means my husband. I will paint, give my opinion, and decorate but he does EVERYTHING else. He is nothing less than amazing and I am extremely appreciative, lucky, and blessed to have him in my life. Here are some before pictures of what the mudroom looked like:

He started with ripping out the floor, taking down the wall paper border, and then all of the wood moldings. He then began working on tiling (which he had never done before) and making all of the moldings that went around the doors. Once those were complete he did the all of the wall panels that are around the room and started building the bench and cubby area that was previously a closet.

From there he started painting. I love to paint but was unable to for this room and he dealt with my complaining of how strong the smell was throughout the house. He would come home from work, cook dinner, and then go straight to work downstairs. He worked so hard and definitely did not disappoint. There’s still a little cleaning to do BUT next is my part!! The decorating and possibly making the bench seat cushion!

I am SO excited to start using this room!! It came out beautifully 😊


6 thoughts on “Mudroom Renovations

  1. He did an amazing job! It looks beautiful ❤ Remember that you did have a part in it, watching your little one. That in itself is a big help. I’m sure he couldn’t have done it if little A was “helping” him.

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