Positive Mindset and Lifestyle

I know I have brought up the group Tone It Up in the past and wanted to go into a little bit more detail about them and my current journey.

I found this group after I got married. I had been working out quite a bit at a gym near my work and LOVED it! But when I moved, I lost the gym and also didn’t want an additional monthly expense. So I started looking around and can’t even remember how I found Tone It Up. But I started following them on social media, started doing some of the workouts they had on their website that are for free and then purchased their nutrition plan. All of their beliefs about food and types of workouts were perfect and aligned with my beliefs. Unfortunately I started to let life get in the way. We got a new puppy that would not let me workout, work stress and decisions were weighing me down, not really having any friends near by to help encourage and workout with me was getting to me, and then since I wasn’t really working out when I became pregnant I didn’t want to add anything new into my routine. I was nervous of miscarrying if I did anything too drastic and I was completely surprised and thrown off at how exhausted I was during my first trimester. Even though I let all of those things get into my head and get in the way, I still would follow Tone It Up and their founders Karena and Katrina on social media, read their emails and keep what they were teaching their community in the back of my mind.

Having our first child threw me for a lil loop and I wasn’t eating as structured as I used to, I would think of fast meals like drive thru food because that was the best time that I could sit and eat without getting distracted by the baby. We also weren’t living in a neighborhood that I felt comfortable walking in by myself or with the baby. Finding the time/making the time to work out was such a struggle! When I was finally starting to get it together to lose the baby weight and was somewhat close, I found out I was pregnant again and it was a complete surprise.

That pregnancy started off very different from my first. I felt very sick all the time, I was even more exhausted, and my ankles were starting to swell already. I should’ve known something was off but didn’t and we ended up losing the baby at the end of my first trimester.

I’m so fortunate that it wasn’t my first pregnancy because it’s so common and all the women who go through it the first time around, my heart completely goes out to you and you are extremely strong! Miscarrying takes a tole on you mentally and physically. I got to a point when I needed to start taking care of myself which really hadn’t happened since our first child. She was also getting older where I could try to attempt to make muffins or have a few seconds where she was content enough for me to do something independently. So I started to get back into slowly working out, eating better and lost the baby weight! I even bought a new pair of jeans because I had still been wearing my maternity pants. 2 weeks after that…I found out I was pregnant again! So happy I had lost the baby weight before the new pregnancy but was even more scared this time around to do anything! I’m happily and thankfully starting my third trimester and feeling great!

With already being so far along there’s a lot going through my mind thinking about the new baby. At the same time Tone It Up started their Bikini Series. I signed up for it like I always do and thought, you know what?, I’m going to do this the right way and use this time to start setting myself up for after the baby is born. This will end up being my last pregnancy and I don’t want it to take two years again to lose my baby weight. Knowing myself, I need to start slowly getting some routines down now. Even though my routine will be different I need to start somewhere because I’m also going to almost have a three year old at the same time!

I decided that one way I was going to try and hold myself accountable was to create a Tone It Up Instagram account (@tiu_savvie).

This was such an amazing move for me! There are so many women who have done the same thing and following them has been keeping me motivated, inspired, aware, and accountable. I’ve become part of that community and LOVE it! It’s all about positivity and support. Everyone is real and honest and will explain how weekends are hard and they ate ice cream or fell off the wagon BUT the catch- the community and Tone It Up group teach you to move on. Don’t feel guilty, don’t beat yourself up, stay positive and it’s ok! This encourages me even MORE. With my personality and being pregnant, it’s such an easy excuse to eat whatever I want, I know I will have slip ups and that’s ok! I’m learning to move on and not give up thinking I can’t do it. They are helping me become stronger, more positive, and crating the lifestyle that I want and believe in. I don’t feel like I am dieting. I’m making healthy decisions and feel really good.

This has been a much longer post than I usually write but really wanted to share. I have been overcome with their energy and positivity how could I not share?! I’m doing this for myself and everyone is different with a different story. If I help or inspire one person along the way, that’s amazing! And if not, that’s ok too because I’m doing it for me. I wanted to pay it forward because of how many women that I will never meet, have helped me. Please feel free to follow my TIU account, @tiu_savvie, and reach out with any questions!

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