Meal Prep With My Assistant

One of my weekend musts is also my weekly life savers – meal prep!! I have always struggled with it but now my lifestyle is forcing me to make it a necessity. The first week/weekend was hard and stressful but each week it has been getting a little easier. It’s just those new routines man hahaha so hard to get them started!

With working full time and the rush of a work week, it feels like weekends are the only time I truly get to spend time with my daughter. I would tell my husband that I needed him to watch her so I could meal prep. If he needed to work on the weekend, I was stressing myself out trying to find the time. When I would start prepping my daughter would gravitate to the kitchen anyways asking me what I was doing and wanted to help. So I figured why not. It’s a good quality time activity for us to work together and we could talk the entire time. She gets so excited to help and feels proud of what she does.

A loves to bake with me, help me clean the fruits/ vegetables and pack up everything I chop up. She tells daddy that she’s cooking and will talk about it later on. (As she gets older we can turn this into some great sequencing activities/conversations.)

When she bakes with me she helps mix everything in the recipe except the egg. I know I should follow most directions but I don’t separate wet and dry ingredients. I have her mix everything together in one bowl and once I put the egg in I stir the rest while she places the cupcake liners into the muffin tin. That is a great fine motor skill for her as well!

The different types of food that’s cut and washed to separate for us into containers are: apples, cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and other veges. As she places the food into the containers…she eats it as well! She’s SO funny!! She fills each container that I line up to the top and will try putting the covers on. The covers are a little tough so I help her with those.

It’s a great activity for her to see me doing and to do with me. Yes, sometimes it makes more of a mess but I don’t mind that. She helps me clean too 😉.

She has been helping me for a few weeks and we have moved onto pizza with daddy!

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