Almond Milk Chai

With not being able to indulge in my favorite chai latte’s lately because the ones I love are typically filled with so much sugar, being a concentrate, I have been non stop craving them!  We always want what we can’t have haha

I wanted to try and make my own to help satisfy my cravings.  There have been a few mornings that I heated up some almond milk to pour over my tea bag to take with me to work.  It tasted good but was still not quite there.  So I started to stick to just water.  During my lunch break I went to my favorite tea shop and bought some loose leaf tea and more tea bags.  They only had large ones available and the shop owner told me that it’s really good to let the tea breathe so the larger bags work really well.  I bought them and haven’t used them yet but since I have today off from work for the holiday, and while the morning was still semi cool (this heat is doing me in!!)  I wanted to try making a chai latte to enjoy quietly.  A light bulb went off and I figured I would heat up the almond milk, put in spices and a little bit of my favorite loose leaf chai.  With this being my first time, I wasn’t sure what would give more flavor, the spices or the chai tea that has some spices already in it.  I only did a little amount of everything to test out.


Ginger, Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie Spice, White Heron Daybreak Chai, and Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

I had contemplated mixing in some vanilla powder but figured since I was using unsweetened vanilla almond milk I would try it without first.  I didn’t really time how long I had it simmer on the stove (I’m not really good at kitchen timers haha just use my eyes and nose)

As I stirred it, I saw it was turning more of the color that I am used to seeing in my cafe chai lattes.  Whenever I used my tea bag it would barely change color.  I’m not really sure why, so if anyone knows please feel free to share!

Usually when I heat up almond milk in the pan, I spill it everywhere when I pour it into my cup!  Since I needed to strain it too, I poured it into a mixing bowl that had a spout on the side.  That works SO much better and won’t do it any other way now.

(I used our ski mug dreaming of much cooler weather)

This tea was really good and I plan on making it this way more often.  Probably make a jar with all the ingredients combined so it’s faster on the work days or even make a much larger batch to keep in the fridge to heat up on the stove only.  It may be something to try cold as well.  I know many people who love iced chai.  I just prefer it hot.

For my next batch, since this was the first time testing it out, I will add much larger amounts of the spices and a lot more tea.  This time around I simply sprinkled some but next time I would use at least a tablespoon.  My eyes will be looking for a much darker, richer color.  I will even try to add the vanilla powder to sweeten it up a little more.  I do think I would prefer skim milk which is how I usually order it in cafes but with staying away from sugar, I’ll be sticking with almond milk.  It’s crazy how much sugar is in regular milk!

I’ll let you know how it turns out!!


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