Since Forever

Holy Moly Happy 2019 everyone!!  It has been such a long, long time since I have been on here and written a post.  I’ve been back to work since we had our little guy and it’s just been a whirl wind.  We now have a new norm and have been spending this time adjusting to our new life…… AKA feeling like complete nut cases hahaha

Let’s get caught up!!

I started the year like I typically do by looking at past years goals and creating new ones.  Right before I sat down on my lunch break to do this (no one I could’ve done it at home lol) I told myself, do NOT write too many.  2019 I want to practice not giving myself too many to do’s.  Whenever I write down a to do list for the weekend or before someone comes to stay with us, it’s a MILE LONG!!  This year I am trying to give myself manageable lists, not a list of everything I hope to get done.  Well…my goal list still had about 17 items on it, BUT I let that one slide 😉 since I wrote down exactly what I wanted and put that out to the universe but I am also hoping to accomplish it all in a 12 month time frame.

We are now basically 3 months in and writing down a manageable, achievable to do list is HARD.  Although, I have found that when I erase some items, my stress levels go down a little and on Monday, I feel like I accomplished something.  My husband always tells me that when I am taking care of the kids, that’s an accomplishment and so important all in it’s own.  I absolutely love him for saying that and need that.  I know that taking care of my kids is top priority and extremely important.  I also LOVE being with them.  But when I see everything that needs to get done or that I want to do, I get stressed and am very hard on myself.  PLEASE tell me that I am not the only mama out there that gets this way haha!

I will have to keep you updated on this topic because it’s a struggle, I’m assuming I am not the only one out there struggling with this and will share any tips that I have found to help.


We are starting up renovations again…I know, I know we are NUTS.  We are trying so hard to just chip away at it.  And when I say we, I mean my husband for all the actual work outside of decorating and helping choose tile, paint colors etc.  I am on kid duty while he works.  It is cute though, our little girl A wants to help daddy out and will do anything that is “working” with daddy.  It’s amazing how much my heart is continuing to explode and have even more love than I thought it could hold. My heart felt so full during each pregnancy with all the love I already had for both of them, then it became fuller once I held them, and now it continues to explode with love for them.


Once I delivered our little man, I went a little over board with carbs and sugar.  I am back in action with taking care of myself and continuing my journey of nutrition and fitness.  I have started meal prepping again and trying to sneak in mini 10 minute work outs.  The weather has also been giving us some sneak peeks into spring so I’ve been trying to go for walks again at work and on the weekends with the kids.

Wow, I’ve already mentioned a lot that I will probably go into more detail in later posts.  It feels like I could type forever and everything is spilling out haha.  Boy, I have I missed this!  It feels like so much more has happened but that is also probably because of all the holidays that have passed since I have written last.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and are kicking butt in the new year already.  I will try not to go quite as long this time around.  Please always feel free to share comments and even let me know that I’m not a crazy person 😉

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