Community Of All Shapes And Sizes

Growing up, my community was my town where many people knew each other and my school.  Everything was ten minutes away and going to the market or mall, you were bound to run into at least 5 people you knew.  When my husband and I started dating he hated “running to do a quick errand” or making a “quick stop” because it was usually the opposite.

Once we were married, I not only moved out of town, but I moved out of state.  It was a little bit of a shock for me.  I had two friends up here that I met through my husband and other than that….I knew no one, saw no one, everything was more than a hop, jump, skip away compared to what I was used to.  It was hard and at times is still hard.  I don’t regret moving and wouldn’t change it for the world but doesn’t mean it’s not a struggle at times.  I can’t run down the street to a friends house or grab a drink with a friend that knew a huge part of my life or that I have known since middle school.  Like I said, hard concept to get used to.

I still believe community is the town you live in, your school, and where you work or a team you are on.  But my sense of community has recently changed.  I have joined communities that I would’ve never thought of doing and absolutely love it – Social media communities.  The concept to me is funny, I comment and “like” posts of complete strangers!! No one I will EVER run into at the market or anywhere for that matter.  It fills a void and I’m 100% me, I don’t know these people, there’s no stress of trying to impress them or wondering if they like me or not.  I would recommend finding a community that fits for you.  I use Instagram mainly and find people mainly from hashtags.  The hashtags are usually something I would have in common with them.  For instance, health, fitness and essential oils.  I have started following more and more people and it’s fun finding something that you can relate to or spreading positivity to others.  I believe positivity is a very powerful thing. The news is so negative and can make me feel horrible so I choose not to watch it. Being part of online communities that are positive, helps keep me positive and happy.  Life is too short.

One of the communities I have joined on Instagram is the Tone It Up Community.  Something I started just for me and have started branching out to other people from there.  There are lots of women in that group that are new moms, working moms, and essential oil lovers like me!  It has become a such a spider web lol I’ve even started taking screen shots of books I see people post as recommendations.  I actually created a separate Instagram account for this so I could keep it separate from my personal one.  This way I wasn’t bombarding family and friends feeds with pictures of food or workouts or little things that they probably don’t want to see.  And if they did, they could follow my other account.

I’ve started to do the same exact thing with essential oils. Created a separate Instagram account and have that dedicated to oil lovers that I can connect and learn from. Just starting out and would like examples? A great hashtag to follow is #tiucommunity or even #oilcommunity. This would be a starting point until you play around more.  Many of the women on there are women who empower other women, lift them up and relate to the hard times as well.  They share tips and tricks and different product recommendations at times in a natural way.

If you find a great community on Instagram (I know there are some on Facebook too, I just don’t have much experience with them), please feel free to share with me!! I find myself following and continuing to add more and more communities to my feeds 🙂


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