Won’t Be Able To Fight Bergens Forever

With the warmer weather finally starting to come around, we are loving being outside!!  There’s bubbles, sidewalk chalk, walks, feeding the birds, raking, and fighting Bergens happening at our house.  Yes, that’s right..fighting Bergens.  Watching my daughter grow up is amazing and so much fun.  Her imagination right now is awesome!  She’s just starting to play with dolls and action figures independently as well as make pretend throughout the house.

One day we were outside drawing with chalk and she looked up and goes “Oh no!  There’s a Bergen!!!” She started running around and using her chalk almost like a sword or a wand.  She really hasn’t watched anything with those things and I don’t think she even knows what those are, but that’s the best way I can explain the gesture she was doing.  She came to me and asked for help getting the Bergens.  (And for those of you who aren’t aware of Bergens, they are creatures that like to eat Trolls to be happy.)  So I got up, (slowly because I was recovering from the stomach bug) and we went around the yard spotting Bergens and pointing our chalk at them telling them to shoo and go away.

Well, the silly Bergens ended up being in our tree!!  So we drew on the tree and told them to go away.  My daughter, A, had SO much fun!  I was carrying her little brother around with us and he was smiling as well.  Daddy (who’s renovating our bathroom – post to come) would walk by and get a kick out of us.

A knew I still wasn’t feeling well so she ran slow and had patience with me since I couldn’t run and was holding her brother who is getting heavy!  We had fun and kept taking breaks and picnic’d outside for the first time.  There was so much to talk about.  All the bugs were out crawling and birds singing, it was a great day.  Yes, that was one afternoon haha

Fighting Bergens is exhausting and unfortunately they won’t be around forever.  I’m a full time working mom and weekends are so precious to me.  Kids grow up so fast and I feel like they lose their innocence even faster lately.  I’m holding on to anything that I possibly can and doing the best I can.  Just because I was sick with no energy or strength, didn’t mean that she didn’t have any.  Let me tell you, she has an endless supply of energy!  In the end though, she didn’t care that I couldn’t run, she just wanted to play in any way possible and to play with me.  I was able to learn so much about her and the little girl she is becoming through experiences like this and it’s amazing.

I hope all of you get to fight Bergens or chase alligators or pretend like your birds flying all over the world whenever you can.

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