Vanilla Orange Fall Tea

The cool crisp Fall mornings have begun!! This is my favorite time of year and as my daughter would say “so cozy”!!

House is officially decorated, the baking has begun, and the Fall drinks are being drunk.

I’ve been sticking to the same recipes and teas for a while.  Now that we are getting into cold season I would normally have lemon, honey, and cinnamon or lemon, honey, and Thieves tea.  Which, I was already starting to already get a cold and those definitely helped nip it in the bud.  But it was time to try and throw something new into the mix.  Trying new teas is fun, exciting, and at times motivational to me to continue trying new things. I wanted a tea for the morning that would wake me up, help with cold season, but also be a little sweet.

Orange…Cinnamon…Vanilla….Honey………my new love ๐Ÿ™‚

This tea is delicious!!  I use 3 drops of Young Living orange essential oil, 1 tiny, tiny drop of Young Living cinnamon bark essential oil (it’s very strong), and some vanilla powder.  If my throat is a little scratchy I add some honey.

If you don’t want to use any of the Young Living essential oils in your tea, I would recommend getting some dried orange pieces (or making your own) and cinnamon (powder, chips, or sticks) and using those instead of the oils.  I would not recommend using any store bought oils, or oils you have not researched if they are able to be consumed.

Did you know that you are only supposed to add raw honey to temped water?  You can’t add it in when water is too hot because the heat will destroy all the wonderful properties that honey has.  I only started to use honey for these properties and I haven’t even been benefiting from them like I thought because I would put it into my scolding tea!!  A co-worker of mine has her own bees and taught me all about this.  She gave me some of her first batch of honey and the lesson I learned once I got it home….don’t leave it in a drawer that a toddler can get into.  Enough said, I’m sure!

If you get a chance to try some Vanilla Orange Tea, let me know!!  I found these adorable reusable cups at Marshalls!! I wish they weren’t disposable and came in a travel mug.  I’m obsessed.

Enjoy this beautiful and colorful time of year everyone ๐Ÿ™‚


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